Runestone park
a cultural excursion destination!

Experience old rune stones as new.

With colors, the artwork emerges and lets the rune stone tell more than just the rune inscription.

The runestones in the park are reconstructed photographs of old runestones and in natural size, the rune stones are very true to reality.

All runestones have signs with information in both Swedish and English so that you can walk around in the park on your own. But if you want to book me as a guide in the Runestone park, then it goes well.

In the park there is also my runstone workshop, a quiz walk, a kiosk and a flea market. Here are also the guide folders to buy, they are behind the sign to the right of the kiosk.

It is free to visit the Runestone park on your own, welcome!

The Runestone park own web page: