Kalle Runristare
(Kalle the runestone carver)

25 years as a guide
30 years as a runestone carver


e-mail: kalle@runristare.se

Phone: +46 70-776 48 22


- Cash

- Swish: 0707764822

- PayPal: kalle@runristare.se


External links

The Runestone park >
(Runstensparken) Pictured runestones in natural size with colors like 1000 years ago. Tourist information, runestone workshop, kiosk and flea market.

Runestones >
Guide to all known runestones in Ekerö municipality and how to find them and understand them.

Facebook >
Kalle Runristare on Facebook with the latest news.

Kalle Runistare >
A contemporary runecarver's website.

UNESCO - Birka and Hovgården >
The World Heritage Convention

Birka the Viking city >
Restaurants, museum and events etc. on Birka.

Updated: 24-05-01