Visit Birka and Hovgården.
Make the most of your visit.
Boat to Birka

Boat to Birka

Book a crossing and visit Birka on your own.

I pick up at Lindby brygga (Lindby jetty) on southern Adelsö. (See map). At the crossing, you will receive overall guidance and personal tips on request.

I'll pick you up at Lindby jetty (Lindby brygga) on southern Adelsö (See map).
At the crossing, an overall guide and a detailed guide booklet are included per group.

The guide booklet with text, map and pictures takes you to Birka's unexplored places and unsolved riddles. The guidebook makes you a guide.

My guide booklet is included in the price, one per group.
The guide booklet is detailed with a map and pictures that take you to Birka's unexplored places and unsolved riddles. The guide booklet makes you a guide.

Explore Birka without time limit.
Birka's history is both exciting and amazing but there is more ... Birka is also a beautiful rural idyll and has a wild and untouched nature with rich flora and fauna. Bring the herb book, the bird book, binoculars and a magnifying glass. The well-stocked picnic basket with extra water is a must!

At Birka you have no time limit, you stay there as long as you wish in peace. When you want to return, you contact me about 30 min. in advance and you will be picked up.

Start fee SEK 300 + SEK 150 per person, round trip.

(Example: 2 people SEK 600 (300 + 150 + 150)

Guide booklet included, one per group.
Life jackets can be borrowed on board.

You can cancel the trip at any time for no reason and free of charge.

Guide to Birka

Guide to Birka

Booking me as a guide at Birka costs SEK 1,500 per hour. A guided tour can take between 1-2 hours, you decide the time.

Cost for crossing by boat is not included.

Book at the bottom of the page >

Guide to Hovgården

Guide to Hovgården

For more than 600 years, Hovgården was an active royal estate, throughout the Viking Age and into the Middle Ages. Attractions include large burial mounds, royal runestone and ruins of the castle Alsnöhus and more.

A guided tour through the Viking-era Hovgården takes just over an hour.

Price: SEK 1,500.
10 people included.
Extra people: SEK 100. per person (in addition to the 10 included).

Bus group: SEK 3,000. (max 50 participants).

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Guide folder

Guide booklet

My guide booklet makes yourself a guide.

Experience the World Heritage Site at your own peace and for as long as you wish.

Visitors to the Birka and Hovgården World Heritage Sites need to be well-read or have a knowledgeable guide to understand the history of the places and interpret the remains correctly.

A good alternative are my guide booklet, one for Birka and one for Hovgården.
Everything I know, heard and seen is there subject to space, user-friendly presented with text, map and pictures.

A tip is that you order your guide booklet in advance. Birka in particular is so large and extensive that you have to prioritize even if you stay there all day.

Guide booklet for Birka SEK 50.

Guide booklet for Hovgården SEK 50.

The Runestone park

The Runestone park has a voluntary entrance.

You only pay if you want to.
Suggested admission is SEK 50.


Book a tour of the Runestone Park

When you have booked me as a guide, I will show and tell you about the runestones based on me as a rune carver.

It will be a different journey where beautiful details and sometimes mistakes make you experience runestones in a completely new way.

In conclusion, we also visit my runestone workshop where I show my tools and how they are used.

A guided tour takes about 1 hour. 

Price: SEK 1,500. 10 people included.
Extra people: SEK 100. per person (in addition to the 10 included).

Bus group: SEK 3,000. (max 50 participants).

- New entrances also welcome buses.

- Pre-booked group can order lunch and coffee.

- The park also has a quiz walk and a flea market.

Runstensparken has its own website: >


Booking, order and contact


Phone: +46 70-776 48 22


- Cash

- Swish: 0707764822

- PayPal:


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